Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to blogsville :)

Finally the time has come for me to get a blog. I'm new to crafting (to be honest, I've spent more time collecting and shopping for crafting supplies than I have actually MAKING something) and have been a fan of a lot of your blogs so I thought I would get one of my own. I'm excited to share some of my creations with you and to be able to do some challenges as well. I thought it would be a fitting first blog to share how I got into card making. Truth be told, I really don't know how it all happened. I started collecting some supplies and more supplies and more supplies and thought to myself, "Self, we gotta start USING some of these things we've purchased". My boyfriends grandmother got really sick and was put into a nursing home and I was asked if I could buy her a card and put it in the mail to cheer her up. I could do one better...I could MAKE her a card and send it to her. Once I made a few of them, I was hooked. I then was introduced to the wonderful world of Youtube and the rest is history!! I've been an avid video watcher and blog hopper behind the scenes for months now and thought I'd come join the fun. I will be sharing creations here, but doubt I'll ever make it into the video world. Never say never though :) I also thought it would be fitting to share with you 4 ladies that have been my "go to" blogs and videos once I started making cards. These 4 ladies are full of talent and are so kind to share it with all of us. If you've never visited any of their blogs, please go take a look at their AMAZING work. WARNING: Do so only if you have some extra time...I've been known to jump on their blogs and majorly lose track of time!!!  

Robyn AKA the pink stamper
Kristina Werner
Jennifer McGuire

Let me know what you all think of these wonderful ladies and be sure to leave a link to any other blogs in the comment section so I can check them out.

Happy Crafting,

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